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Horse riders


Horse ridersHorse riders have a right to use the public highway, and can do so in single or double file. When driving or riding on country roads (indeed, at all times) you should always be prepared for an encounter with a horse rider or horse convoy. If you see a horse rider, slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary. Be aware that if the horse begins to panic, it may put the rider and other road users at risk. 


Horse riders keep to the left of the road even when turning right – it is unsafe to position a horse between lines of traffic where they can panic.

On roundabouts, riders normally signal right only when approaching exits they don't intend to use. Horse riders will keep to the left within the roundabout until reaching their exit, where they will signal left. 

 Horse rider stats

Advice for riders

  • Look out for signals from the rider
  • When passing horses on the road, give them plenty of space and drive very slowly. Horses are easily scared by noise and vehicles that move off suddenly, so please be considerate
  • Do not rev your engine or sound your horn
  • Ride in double file when supervising a young or inexperienced riders. The lead horse should take the outside position.
  • Riders and horses are encouraged to wear bright and reflective clothing or accessories so that they can be seen by other road users
  • Ensure that you are wearing suitable protective equipment
  • Where possible, and when it is safe to do so, indicate your intentions to other road users
  • If riding a as group, cross major crossings together rather than trickling across one by one

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