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South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
Teaching children about road safety
Children will learn about road safety from a very early age, with their child-minder, at nursery or at school. However, it is important that these messages are reinforced by parents and carers.

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Joanne Wehrle and Karen Vickers share their expert advice on what we can do to help keep children safer at the roadside and in a vehicle - click on Child Safety.

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Teaching Children About Road Safety
While structured education is valuable, children also learn by what they observe. They will copy the behaviour of the adults that they spend the most time with. If they see you taking risks, they are likely to do the same.

The following steps will help you to reinforce the road safety messages that they will have heard elsewhere, and will keep you safe too

Teach your child the Green Cross Code    

Think Stop Look Listen Think


Step 1: Think

Think about where you want to cross the road. Is there a pedestrian crossing nearby? Will other road users see you while you are crossing? Are there any hazards or obstructions that will stop you from crossing the road safely?

Step 2: Stop

When you have decided where you are going to cross, stop. Stand well back from the kerb and try not to get too close to the traffic.

Step 3: Look

Have a good look around. Look towards the oncoming traffic first – this is usually from the right but if it is a one-way street it may be from the left. Look in all directions, and keep looking until it is clear.

Step 4: Listen

As you are looking around, listen out for the sound of traffic. Listen out for emergency vehicles that may appear suddenly and travel faster than normal traffic. Be aware that cyclists and electric vehicles may not make a lot of noise. If traffic is coming, wait until it has passed by.

Step 5: Think

When it is safe to do so, begin crossing the road in a straight line. Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross.

Model good behaviour

One of the best ways to keep your child safe is to set a good example when using the road, whether on foot, by bicycle or by car.

Use the green cross code yourself when crossing the road. If you are using a signal controlled pedestrian crossing, wait for the green figure to appear before starting to cross.

Try not to get visibly angry when you see other road users making mistakes. ‘Road rage’ can become a distraction itself and even young children may copy your behaviour. Instead try to use these situations as a learning example. Ask your child about what they could have done differently and explain why it is important that we all use the road safely.

You are your child's best teacher

We have a number of resources available as part of our Junior Road Safety Officers scheme. As parents or carers you may find them useful too! Please feel free to download any of the items below.


Colouring in sheets (downloads as a PDF)

Be bright be seen Dress brightly boy Dress brightly girl Police officers
Green cross code Red man Green man Car safety