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South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
As well as it being illegal to ride a privately owned e-scooter in any public place, there are real concerns for the safety of e-scooter riders and other road users.

Additionally, it could affect a young person’s ability to apply for a driving licence when they reach the legal age.

This is because e-scooters are currently classed as motor vehicles under the Road Traffic Act 1988, which opens riders up to a raft of offences as they need to have a driving licence and insurance to ride them. 

This also means if e-scooter are to be made legal, the minimum age allowed to ride one would be 16 years old.

There is a long list of offences that could be committed by e-scooter riders.

These include:

  • No insurance – £300 fine 6 points on licence 

  • No driving licence – £100 fine 3 points on licence 

  • Using mobile phone or other handheld device whilst riding – £200 fine and 6 points on licence 

  • Riding through a red light – £100 fine 3 points on licence 

  • Riding on the pavement – £50 fine

Additionally, e-scooter riders under 17-years-old commit the same offences as adults and will be treated the same. 

This means that if a young rider is prosecuted for no insurance the six points will be held on a ‘ghost’ licence by the DVLA. When they reach the legal age to apply for a driving licence the points are added and they could be instantly disqualified. 

The points are ‘spent’ after three years and they can then reapply for a licence. However, this could have an impact on their insurance for years to come.

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Thanks to Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership for sharing this information.