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South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
Ridefree - Survival Skills for Learner Riders

Ridefree is the FREE award-winning enhanced addition to your compulsory basic training (CBT), its main aim is to help you prepare for your CBT and riding on the road. 

But it is also a great way to check your knowledge if you are thinking about learning to ride, or have your CBT but would like to be a better rider.  Passing your CBT isn’t the end of your training on two wheels, but only the start.

Your CBT will be an enjoyable experience, but there’s a lot to learn, and it’s normal to feel anxious about your first bike ride. The good news is that Ridefree will help you become a better and more confident rider by:

•Increasing your knowledge of riding skills and behaviour
•Giving you more time to focus on learning the practical skills
•Linking the eLearning to the practical skills.

Ridefree is a completely free online e-learning resource, which you can either complete in one sitting or dip in-and-out as you have time to work through the different sections.  The information is specifically aimed at CBT level, and will definitely provide a ‘heads-up’ prior to the questions asked by your instructor on the day.

You should complete the five pre-course eLearning modules before doing the practical CBT session.

They are:

•Module 1 – The Highway Code and hazard perception
•Module 2 – Motorcycle clothing, equipment and maintenance
•Module 3 – The link between rider behaviour and rider safety
•Module 4A – Risk-increasing factors (part 1)
•Module 4B – Risk-increasing factors (part 2)
•Module 5 – The impact of being involved in an incident, and becoming an experienced rider.

When you’ve successfully completed all five modules, you’ll receive your Ridefree certificate to keep and take on the day of your CBT to show your instructor that you are already have a positive attitude to your ‘learning’ and definite ‘brownie points’ on the day!

It’s completely FREE and will not only help with your CBT on the day, but also improve you as a rider going forward on two wheels, so enjoy your Ridefree training!

Link to Ridefree:-

Further help and advice if thinking of learning to ride at:-