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South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
Project EDWARD
Project EDWARD - Everyday Day Without A Road Death - is an annual road safety week of action. This year, Project EDWARD runs from Monday 15 May to Friday 19 May (to co-incide with UN Global Road Safety Week) and the theme is 'Safer Mobility, Everyone's Responsibility.'

Backed by the Government, the emergency services, highways agencies, road safety organisations and British businesses. Project EDWARD highlights the importance of shared responsibility on the traffic network, with a long-term ambition of putting an end to all death and serious injury on our roads.

The overarching aim is to get everyone who uses the network to think about their role in the Safe System approach to casualty reduction. The Safe System focuses on designing roads, vehicles, speeds, and behaviors that work together to reduce the likelihood and severity of crashes. This includes strategies such as:
  1. Safe roads and roadsides: Roads and roadsides are designed to reduce the risk of crashes and minimize the severity of any crashes that do occur. This can involve measures such as separating different types of traffic, providing safe spaces for pedestrians and cyclists, and reducing speed limits.

  2. Safe vehicles: Vehicles are designed to protect occupants and other road users in the event of a crash. This can involve measures such as electronic stability control, advanced braking systems, and side impact protection.

  3. Safe speeds: Speed limits are set to ensure that vehicles are traveling at safe speeds for the road environment. This can involve measures such as speed cameras, road markings, and road design.

  4. Safe road users: Road users are educated and encouraged to behave safely on the road. This can involve measures such as driver education and training, public awareness campaigns, and enforcement of traffic laws.

  5. Post-Crash Response: It is important to respond quickly and effectively to crashes to minimise the harm caused. This can involve measures such as providing emergency medical care, clearing the road quickly, and investigating the causes of the crash to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.


Week of Action – Road Trip

The three legs of the road trip will criss-cross the country from Monday to Friday visiting the very best examples of road safety projects including here in South Yorkshire on Thursday 18 May.

Along the way, some of the most influential thought leaders in road safety will be invited to come along for the ride and join the team ‘on the road’ to share their insights and experience.

In addition to the road trip stops, contributions will be coming in daily from all four corners of the United Kingdom as we feature projects from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Project EDWARD pledge:

I pledge that I will play my part in reducing risk by ensuring I am fit for the road on all journeys. I will drive within the rules of the Highway Code in a safe and well-maintained vehicle.

Follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook using the #ProjectEDWARD hashtag.