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South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
Commercial Vehicles
Businesses operating vans as part of their fleet of vehicles could benefit from the advice offered in our latest video.
The partnership has produced a short film to remind drivers and businesses about the importance of having a properly maintained and correctly loaded van and show how some simple pre-drive checks can keep you within the law, improve road safety and help save you time and money.

The film covers some basic roadworthiness checks that drivers of light commercial goods vehicles can complete before they start their journey.

Presented by a South Yorkshire Police Officer, the film goes on to look at the correct loading of goods to ensure vehicles are not overweight and the payloads are securely fastened for the journey. Both are important as over loaded or poorly secured loads can affect a vehicle’s handling and ability to stop, which can severely impact its safety on the road.

Insecure loads also risk causing harm to the driver or other members of the public if they become loose and fall from the vehicle. And if stopped by the Police, drivers could risk hefty fines and their vehicles being prohibited from being moved until the faults are rectified.

Finally, the film looks at the role of the driver and ensuring they have the correct documentation to drive the vehicle, including the right insurance cover and driving licence entitlements for the type of vehicles being used. Is the driver fit to drive; properly rested, not on any medication that may affect their ability to drive safely or under the influence of alcohol?

And does the driver know the speed limits that apply to their vehicle, which may differ from those of a car, and are they driving to that speed limit and the conditions of the road?

Joanne Wehrle, Safer Roads Manager said, “All the issues that we cover in the film are important safety considerations for anyone who drives a van or operates a fleet which includes light commercial goods vehicles.

"South Yorkshire Police do enforce these issues, so we would urge drivers and operators to avoid the risk of getting caught or worse still, being involved in a collision, because their vehicles are not properly maintained, correctly loaded or drivers are not fit to drive.”

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