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South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership

Walking is still one of the most common methods of travel, from short journeys, nipping to the local shop, commuting, to more leisurely strolls. 

As a pedestrian of any age there are a number of top tips that you can follow:

  • Plan your route before you set out. Can you avoid busy roads or choose a route with pedestrian crossings?  
  • If possible avoid peak road times if you can, when the traffic is busiest
  • Look out for yourself, concentrate and be aware of what is going on around you
  • Always stay on the pavements if there is one provided and stop near the kerb prior to crossing the road
  • Avoid crossing on blind corners and between parked vehicles
  • Use Pedestrian crossings where ever possible, they are provided for your safety, with many including special crossings for cyclists and horse riders on certain routes
  • Take extra care when crossing the road when under the influence of alcohol or if with friends that have been drinking, look out for each other
  • Listening to music or using your mobile phones can be a distraction while crossing the road, simply put them to one side till after you have crossed
  • Be aware of vehicles in busy areas, such as car parking spaces near shops, where drivers may be distracted and if reversing may have limited visibility and may not see you
  • If you are walking in the early morning or after dark, wear something bright or reflective, Be Bright Be Seen!
  • Teach your children by example, you are your child's best teacher and they will follow your actions
  • Cyclists - walk with your bicycle when in a pedestrian area and remember to dismount when using a Pelican, Puffin or Zebra crossing
  • Drivers - watch out for pedestrians crossing a road into which you are turning.  If they have started to cross they have priority, so give way

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