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South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
Road safety advice

When the clocks go back every year, the darker mornings and evenings create new challenges for all road users. Combine this with wintery weather and the risks are even greater.

Be Bright Be Seen is about all road users coming together to 'stand up to the darkness' by taking steps - such as checking lights are working - to reduce collisions and casualties during the Winter months.

Our campaign also reminds cyclists, runners and pedestrians to wear something bright and reflective so they are more visible to other road users in low light conditions. Motorists too are encouraged to be vigilant and on the lookout for more vulnerable road users to reduce the chances of a collision.

Pedestrians and cyclists are advised to wear brightly coloured or fluorescent clothing which shows up well in daylight and at dusk. We also encourage you to wear reflective accessories, such as high-visibility jackets or sashes, so that they are visible in car headlights at night. Cyclists should also consider making sure that their bicycle is in good condition and that brakes, gears, lights and reflectors are in working order.

Drivers and motorcycle riders are advised to check that their headlights are working and tyres are in good condition order so that they can be prepared for darker and wetter journeys, and are reminded to drive in a way that is appropriate to the conditions of the road - in such a way that allows them to slow down or stop safely if required.

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