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South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership

As children gradually become more independent, we continue to develop their road safety skills and awareness. We develop their skills for recognising safer crossing places on the road network and advise pupils on how they can stay safe as pedestrians, cyclists, or passengers in cars. We also look at how they can identify dangerous behaviour and hazards on roads.

Key messages for KS2 are:

  • How to cross the road safely using the Green Cross Code
  • How to identify safer places to cross
  • Hazards to look out for – driveways, parked cars

Transition – as this is an important milestone in a child’s life we have a special transition session to cover new, unfamiliar, independent journeys to secondary school.

Follow this link to find a special Year 6 presentation for each district in South Yorkshire, as well as a parents' guide and handbook that can be printed or passed on to parents digitally:

We also have seasonal presentations to cover winter/dark nights or summer safety.  

Downloadable resources
For more information...

For classroom sessions please contact your local authority road safety team: