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  • Bike Smart for Road Safety Week 2018

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    South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) is joining with schools, businesses, local authorities and emergency services from around the United Kingdom to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those on two wheels – cyclists, motorcyclists, moped and scooter riders – as part of this year’s National Road Safety Week.

    Under the theme Bike Smart the aim of the week is to inspire individuals, communities and organisations to encourage road safety, promote life-saving messages and take actions to make the roads safer for everyone, but especially vulnerable road users. Road safety officers from SYSRP will be engaged in a variety of activities around the county to promote the road safety message - the full list of events can be found here.

    Encouraging road users, particularly drivers, to look out for cyclists and motorcyclists and give them sufficient space on the roads are key priorities for SYSRP which is why we are pleased to support this year’s  ‘Bike Smart’ theme. Vulnerable road users don’t have a metal shell protecting them if they are involved in a crash, which is why we focus on raising awareness of the needs of those on two wheels among drivers.

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    According to Brake, the road safety charity behind the campaign, more than 100 riders are injured every day in the UK in needless, preventable crashes. The dangers (and opportunities) posed by bicycles and motorcycles are distinct but those on two wheels are united by the urgent need to reduce their risk of death and injury on our roads. Riders and cyclists do not have the benefit of a protective metal shell around them and as such are at a higher risk of injury should they be involved in a collision.

    CyclingIn South Yorkshire cycling has become more popular as a means of transport and for leisure. At this time of year cyclists are particularly vulnerable as darker nights and mornings mean it can be harder for motorists to spot them on the road. And while the traditional motorcycling season is over, many riders rely on their motorbikes, scooter and mopeds as a cheaper alternative to driving as a means of getting around.

    We encourage riders to ensure that they take steps to reduce the risk to themselves by making sure they are wearing suitable personal protective equipment (PPE), including something bright and reflective to be seen in low light conditions and at night, and for cyclists to wear helmets.

    Young motorcycle riders can also improve their riding abilities by taking advantage of our subsidised CBT Plus scheme for those aged between 16 and 24. This additional tuition builds on the skills and experience riders have gained through their compulsory basic training. Further information on the CBT Plus scheme can be found here.


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